Action plan for the New Year

Action Plan for the New Year

I take this opportunity to Wish a ‘Very Happy New Year’ to all the readers.

Let us Welcome the New Year with Joy, Enthusiasm and hope that it brings Sufficient Health, Wealth and Self Stabilization in our Life.

The word ‘Sufficient’ is very important here, once we know how much is sufficient we can peacefully work towards it without being disturbed or confused and our decisions in life will be based without any Greed or Fear.

To lead a happy and satisfactory life we need a proper balance in the following aspects of life
• Self
• Health
• Wealth (Money)
• Relationship

Self : Knowing about Self plays a very important role in our life, we can start to learn more about self by asking the following questions to our self.
 Who we really are ?
 Are we this Body or something else ?
 Why are we on this Planet ?

Health : We all know the importance of Health in our life, we can start to learn more about health by asking the following questions to our self.
 Are we really Healthy ?
 Are we having adequate Body weight (BMI) ?
 Are we living a Medicine free life ?
 Are we feeling energetic every morning after a good night sleep ?

Wealth (Money) : Most of us give more importance to Money than anything else in our life, we can start to learn more about money by asking the following questions to our self ?
 How much Money is required in our life ?
 How to set the right target for our various financial goals ?
 How to keep a right balance between growth of our investments and protection of the accumulated corpus ?
 What provision have we done for availability of money in our absence for our family ?
 Have we considered all the risk factors related to money in our life ?

Relationship : Relationship is also a very important aspect in our life, even if we have abundant wealth and good health, if the relationships are not well maintained slowly and surely our wealth and health will deteriorate.

We need to keep proper balance in all the above aspects to lead a happy and satisfactory life, we should keep learning about it continuously and improve day by day, it’s a process which keeps on improving and improvising day by day with experience.
We should keep experimenting new things in life by taking calculated risks by learning from right resources such as Books, Blogs, Courses, Coaches and our Inner voice.

Wish you all the very best in our efforts, God bless us all.

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